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The Flats at Carrs Hill

592 Oconee St. Athens, GA 30605


Victoria S. Profile Thumb

Victoria S.

4 hours ago

It's been really good, the maintenance staff has always been amazing about fulfilling maintenance requests really quickly, the front desk staff is friendly, and the location couldn't get any better!

Hi Victoria, thank you for leaving a review. We are excited to hear your stay at The Flats has been really good. We are excited to have you for another year at The Flats!

mikh*@*.com Profile Thumb


14 days ago

The flats is close to campus. The new gym and pool are great features. The game room is underused but so nice! I love the events in the clubhouse which happen every month (even in summer)!

Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are happy to know you enjoy our location and residents events!

Kalie W. Profile Thumb

Kalie W.

15 days ago

I love that I’m walking distance from campus and there is a lot of extras included like free printing, monthly activities, the new gym, and giveaways. However, the walls are very thin and you can hear neighbors all the time and the stairwell on my side gets disgusting. Also, electricity is extra even though you get a cap. We go over every month and we are pretty sustainable. Staff is nice.

Hi Kalie, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We love to hear you enjoy the amenities and extras included at The Flats.

Alison F. Profile Thumb

Alison F.

16 days ago

I give the staff a 10/10 and the amenities a 9.8/10. The ONLY issue with the amenities is that most of the time the printers aren't working, and computers in the clubhouse are often not working either. The reason for the 3/5 rating is because of the quality and price of my apartment. Our air conditioning has been off and on working since the day we moved in, and we call for it to be fixed every month or every other month, yet we're still calling. On top of it, the air conditioner being broken so often drove up our electricity through the roof for the first 3 months of our lease. The other issue is for the price, the quality of materials used in the apartment do not add up. I understand trying to make it the most cost-efficient for the building, but when corners are cut on thinks such as air conditioners, bathroom appliances, AND countertops... it becomes a bit outrageous. Lastly, although the distance from campus is very nice, almost 900 a month, when I could take the bus and pay 500-600 a month is an obvious choice. Of course, most days the staff and new gym make up for it..and then you wake up to your apartment being 80 degrees in the winter. P.S. the desk chairs are annoyingly 3 inches too short for the desk...just a side note:)

Hi Alison, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are happy to hear you enjoy the amenities and our staff. We are sorry to hear you've had issues with the printers and computers. If you experience any issues in the future please reach out to the office. We are always striving to improve and love getting feedback from residents on things they would like to see improved.

Kendall G. Profile Thumb

Kendall G.

20 days ago

I just moved to the Flats 2020 Fall Semester and I like it. There are a few things that could be better but overall it is pretty good place to live.

Hi Kendall, thank you for providing your feedback! We are happy that you enjoy living at The Flats. We are always striving to improve and appreciate all feedback!

Sianne R. Profile Thumb

Sianne R.

25 days ago

I love the fact that the workers actually try to get the tenants of this apartment complex to come together by doing monthly activities. I don’t like the fact that we have to pay so much to have pets.

Hi Sianne, thank you for taking time to provide your feedback. We are ecstatic to hear you enjoy our monthly activities!

Jenny K. Profile Thumb

Jenny K.

1 month ago

Sound is an issue here. Walls are paper thin. I hear music and foot steps all the time. Location is good. Seeing electricity has been a confusing ordeal for figure out. Over happy with my stay here though.

Sarah J. Profile Thumb

Sarah J.

1 month ago

I enjoy living here. There are some fees though that don’t quite make sense that add up pretty quickly, would have preferred a better explanation of what exactly we were paying